Posted by: eseeders | January 3, 2009

Israeli Troops Enter Gaza

CNN coverage here

From an outsiders perspective with no real bias toward either side involved, this seems to be an extremely short sighted move on Israel’s part. Yes, it is true that Hamas’ actions in recent weeks are deplorable, however, Israel’s reaction is no better. Do those in charge of Israel not understand that by engaging in direct hostilities they only mark themselves out for even more suicide bombings? Not to mention the ire such actions will draw from the rest of the Islamic world. I understand the need to defend ones self, the need to respond to Hamas’ actions… but these responses should not come at the cost of the long term goals of peace and stability. From all appearances that is what is happening.

Update – Bush has come down on the side of the Israeli’s in this newest Middle Eastern crisis. This was not wholly unexpected but from my perspective still disappointing. Check here for more coverage

Update – Amnesty International, US chapter calls for the Bush administration to adopt a more neutral response to the current crisis. Additionally Amnesty accuses Israel of violating international law. More can be found here


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