Posted by: eseeders | January 3, 2009

Obama Discusses His New New Deal

I have to say that there isn’t a point in here that I really disagree with. However, when Obama mentioned bringing our classrooms up too 21st century standards a concern did arise. In particular I am worried about a possible over reliance on technology as the be all end all solution. Stepping away from Obama and his team (who let’s be honest have probably already accounted for that… at least we hope so) such an over reliance is already a concern in the general public as evidenced in my day to day interactions.

While the internet and all its technological trappings are of an excellent benefit to our society as a whole, it should in no way eclipse ones ability too interact with others face-to-face. Though I do not have any statistical evidence handy, I can point to a number of instances from personal experience where a seemingly normal individual appeared to lack the appropriate skills or knowledge for direct interaction with another person. This seeming lack of direct social skills is becoming disconcertingly common in my own experience, what do others think?

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