Posted by: eseeders | January 4, 2009

Fast Cars for the Family

Tired of your dreary old Ford Taurus? How bout trying one of these? Below are the four sexiest family cars you’ll probably ever set eyes on. Currently only the Maserati Quattroporte (pic 2) is in production but there are plans to release the Aston Martin Rapide (pic 4) and Porsche Panamera (pic 3) within the next two years. Unfortunately, the Lamborghini Estoque (pic 1) is only a concept at the moment, however, there is a high likelihood that Lamborghini will produce this amazing vehicle in the not too distant future. Here’s too hoping that none of these companies go bankrupt… just imagine how awful it’d be if we only had the Ford Taurus to look at!




  1. I think the Maserati looks the best. The others just look like ungainly stretched versions of their coupe models. Also, what a time for these new models to be released, just in time for no one to be able to afford them.

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