Posted by: eseeders | January 5, 2009

United States & Cuba… We STILL Have An Embargo?

Fifty years ago this year, Fidel Castro took power in Cuba. Thirty-seven years ago, President Nixon visited the hard line communist regime of China in an attempt to normalize relations. Within the past decade, the United States has had direct negotiations with the communist dictatorship in North Korea and yet to this day, the U.S. still holds an embargo over Cuba. Why? What purpose does such an embargo serve in today’s modern world? We have diplomatically engaged far more dangerous regimes than Cuba. We have trade relations with regimes similar to Cuba. The Cold War ended in 1991 but this remnant to it remains. Lately there has been some talk about Obama’s future policy towards Cuba and I might have a suggestion for the President Elect in that regard… get rid of it. Get rid of the embargo and normalize relations just as Nixon did with China.

Some in the anti-Castro Cuban movement would no doubt be against such a move… but in reality what victory will Castro have gained by this? Past evidence in the form of China and the Soviet Union would suggest that by engaging in trade with communist countries those countries in question tend to see a moderation of the communist stranglehold on the economy. Once that stranglehold is lost, an eventual undermining of the dominate ideology could very likely follow just as it did in the countries noted above. Perhaps Cuba may never be fully rid of communism… but in reality is that such a bad thing? If the people are satisfied with their government should that not be enough? The embargo does nothing but garner more unnecessary ill-will towards the United States… be rid of it Mr. Obama its purpose for existence has long since passed.



  1. I agree. Get over it. We’re not in an arms race, and Cuba really can’t hurt us too badly. Even if Hugo Chavez, who is buddy buddy with the Cubans, wants to put some of his paltry navy and a few bombers there, so what? Communism is not a threat to the United States…

  2. AMEN. The only reason that it exists is because they are defiant to our efforts to make them bow to our national interests. We want those cigar factories to be owned by American businessmen dammit!

    “…If we publicly declare that Cuba is a threat to our security, forty million Mexicans will die laughing.” ~Bill Clinton (yet the embargo still remained)

  3. You see the new Che movie yet? I’m tempted, but if it sucks, I would hate to have wasted 4 hours of my life on it!

  4. well i cant speak for ben, but i myself dont get out to the movies terribly often. if the film is anything like the last few political films that have come out in the previous 6 months than im not very hopeful. The one about Bush was mediocre and ive heard nothing but poor opinions of Frost/Nixon especially when it comes to accuracy. I may try and catch the film this weekend depending on a few factors… if i do i’ll be sure to put up a review of it.

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