Posted by: eseeders | January 5, 2009

What To Do With Bush & Cheney

Steve Benen at Political Animal has yet more coverage of inane Cheney responses during interviews here

In the last few weeks, final absolute confirmation has come out that the Bush administration did indeed lie to the American people to get into Iraq and has without a doubt committed war crimes in the form of torture. These admissions came from Mr. Cheney himself and in retrospect I believe that such admissions can be tied to the administration as a whole. Unfortunately it is too late to conduct impeachment hearings though there has been talk in political circles of Obama forming a commission to extract all the truth from the Bush administration.

My question is what if such a commission is indeed formed and what if said commission discovers the only direction the truth can point is to the Bush administration willingly and knowingly committing war crimes? Does the United States then turn over administration officials who are accountable for these crimes to the international court in the Hague? A difficult question if ever there was one… but a question with only one answer in my view… “yes”. If we don’t, I feel a very dangerous precedent will have been set and one from which the United States may never recover. This is not to mention the immense amount of damage that will be done to the already tarnished image of the United States in the eyes of the global public if such evidence does come to light and no action is taken. To get to that point however would take a lot of doing but I believe it necessary to hold every individual responsible for his or her own actions… no matter the position of power they may hold.

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  1. If we do decide to try to get all the truth we can about what the administration willingly did, I recommend we waterboard them.

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