Posted by: eseeders | January 6, 2009

Porsche Panamera To Be Launched At Shanghai

Top Gear coverage here

Exciting times for those of us who can’t even afford a hamburger let alone a new car eh? Joking aside though I had a bit of an idea for all these new super family cars coming out in the next year or so. In Europe one of the biggest types of racing is touring cars which is essentially Nascar… just with real cars, right turns in addition to left turns… oh and a hell of a lot cooler too. Anyways, these series, of which there are a number throughout Europe, (including the international WTCC series which is gaining in popularity) feature all kinds of different cars ranging from hatch back Honda’s, to small four door Chevy’s, to diesel powered BMW’s. At one point in the 90’s Volvo was even racing a wagon… and it actually won a few races! So I got to thinking… why not have a racing series for these high end family cars? Wouldn’t that be cool or better yet have them race against uprated versions of the cars racing in the current touring car series… Honda vs. Lamborghini! Brilliant!


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