Posted by: eseeders | January 6, 2009

The Man Of The Future

An exoskeleton that gives you the strength of five men… now that IS cool. Think of all the applications something like this would have… it would certainly make exploring other planets a whole lot easier. What do you guys think? Pretty nifty eh? You know… it kinda reminds me of that sci-fi show Mantis from the early 90’s… good times.



  1. Other than the fact that naming the machine HAL seems to be something like bad mojo, you have to wonder what kind of fail-safe is in place on this thing. It seems like a machine that strong being so intricately attached to a comparitively weak human would have the capacity to cause serious injury in the event of an accident. Not that I’m shunning the advance in technology, but I’m a little skeptical at their prediction that these are “on the verge of practical use.” I’d be interested to find out more.

    Philosophically speaking, it makes me wonder how far off we are from true machine-human hybrids. This may just be a suit, but it opens the door to what some have considered the true future of cyborg technology. Can we ever surgically join machine and human to create a new, more powerful organism? In doing so, would we not lose some piece of our humanity: namely, our limitations?

  2. Meanwhile, America is busy bringing back gas-guzzling cars from the seventies from when we had an unpopular president, a crummy economy, and unstable gas prices (so much has changed!).

    Actually, didn’t MIT or one of those other overly expensive US-based schools develop a similar suit that was thinner but had a pretty big battery still? If I remember right, it made carrying 250lbs like not carrying any extra weight, and they were looking at military application.

    Sounds to me like they’ll just be expecting people to do even MORE work for crummy wages.

    And if that guy eats, sleeps, and dreams robot (or whatever they said), does he get pretty bad stomach cramps? I can’t imagine that being particularly good unless the Japanese are already making robots out of steak…. damn, they’re way ahead of us!

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