Posted by: eseeders | January 7, 2009

Israel & Possible War Crimes?

The IPS story can be found here

If these actions mentioned in the story above and elsewhere prove to be deliberate than yes I do believe that those responsible in the Israeli command structure should be held accountable before a war crimes tribunal. No doubt, many supporters of Israel here in the United States would come out against such actions but I would consider them necessary in such circumstances. This is not a judgment against the Israeli people themselves, not in the slightest, it is a judgment against those who would willingly and knowingly commit actions which result in the suffering of innocent bystanders. The same must be said of those in Palestine who committed similar actions, no one should be beyond reproach in this situation. We as the United States and as friends of Israel must not let such actions stand, being critical of friends when they are in error is a cornerstone of true friendship. So if these accusations be true, we must do what is necessary to ensure that justice is served for above all else, that is what we should most strive for for all people.


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