Posted by: eseeders | January 8, 2009

Conflict In Gaza Developments

After some more incidents involving Israeli forces firing on the U.N., both the United Nations and the Red Cross are withdrawing aid relief to the Gaza Strip. Coverage here, here, and here.

In related news, the U.N. maintains that no militants were in the school housing refugees struck by Israeli forces a few days ago. In depth coverage can be found here.

With all these developments, one again has to question why Israel is engaging Hamas in this manner. Clearly though they may be winning the battle on the ground, the ideological war is severely against them. What bothers me the most is that Israel had other options available to them at least from where I’m standing. Even if leaders still insisted on military confrontation with Hamas there were other ways to go about doing it. For one, Israel is renowned for the quality of their special forces and anti terrorist units. Why did they not send these crack units to take out those launching platforms and Hamas leadership in a number of surgical strikes? Surely such action would’ve garnered similar results in terms of damage to Hamas while at the same time prevented the humanitarian catastrophe that is taking place. If Israel has some plan associated with all this catastrophe that they’re causing I surely don’t see it.


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