Posted by: eseeders | January 8, 2009

The End Of An Era… The Final Stats On Bush

Prior to starting this blog I had done some blogging on one of those networking sites on my personal page. On occasion my postings would draw the ire of some acquaintances and unnecessarily clog up my comments with… shall we say heated debate. Hence my opting to start Random Smattering where I can spout vulgarities from the rooftops and not worry about my personal page being mangled when I inevitably get taking to task (or at least thats what they attempt to do) for my various posts.

One such debate on my personal site revolved around the success (or severe lack there of from my view) of the Bush administration. Now I finally have the numbers to back it up. It can now be said unequivocally that in these areas Bush was a complete and utter failure. Of course there are any number of other areas which do not easily lend themselves to numerical representation such U.S. reputation around the world and our “soft power” capabilities. Nonetheless, here are the stats.


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