Posted by: eseeders | January 12, 2009

Can This Be Anymore Ridiculous?

Yes… it is true… “Joe the Plumber” is going to Israel as a war correspondent for Pajamas Media to cover the Israeli incursion into Gaza. I don’t think it would be possible to pick someone less qualified for such a job as this. Alas despite all his foibles and follies on the campaign trail, the far right continues to be enamored with a man that possess the intellectual depth of a puddle. This inanity is almost unbearable. For a more humorous take on this development check out The Daily Show’s coverage here.



  1. Does this mean he’ll have more foreign policy experience than Palin?

  2. you know… i think it just might

  3. The plumber is a Bush White House plant like Jeff Gannon/Guckert (Johnny Gosch). Israel has banned objective journalists from the front line. A RNC-sponsored moron dupe who furthers the Israeli agenda (war propaganda) is more than welcome

  4. Oh come one you guys, at least he’s been doing some homework on how to pronounciate the places ‘n stuff. Oh and is he afraid? No not Joe. He’s protected by God because he’s a Christian.

    Seriously though WTF?! Fade back into oblivion Joe, we don’t need another conservative talking head!

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