Posted by: eseeders | January 12, 2009

Developments In Gaza

First a rather disturbing report accusing Israel of using white phosphorous bombs against civilian targets. Note that this has not been confirmed as yet but the evidence available would suggest that the report is valid. These particular weapons have received a partial ban from the international community due to their destructive nature especially against unprotected civilian populations. More coverage of this story here. Additionally, Israel has now come under political fire from the UN Human Rights Council condemning Israel for “massive violations”.

In other developments, the Israeli military has called up reservists and committed them to action in Gaza. Additionally, the IDF is asking Israel’s political leaders for more time in order to achieve their unmet goals. Coverage of these developments can be found here, and here.

Finally, a small report from Israel’s military officials spoke of IDF forces stationed in the occupied Golan Heights coming under small arms fire from Syria. This in conjunction with the recent rocket attacks from Lebanon might give the appearance of an increasingly surrounded and embattled Israel, however neither Syria nor Lebanon truly seem interested in engaging Israel directly at this juncture.

For the time being I believe Israel’s northern neighbors will remain fairly quiet. Neither country has the capabilities to do much versus Israel.


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