Posted by: hillad | January 12, 2009

Obama’s expectations too heavy a burden?

Ever since Barack Obama was elected on November 4th, I’ve been hopeful of the future of this country. His newness and energy has been a breath of fresh air for a great many people. The situation of this country and the world for that matter can be referred to as grim by the most optimistic of people. I fear the Americans who have voted for him, see him as the savior of the country’s ills. And so, expect him to wave his hand and their lives will suddenly be better. The unemployed will have jobs, the economy will recover, the soldiers will come home to their families, the polar ice caps will stop melting, and all will be well. The people who did not vote for him will expect the same. If Obama does not deliver on the majority of his promises, they will proclaim Obama to be all talk and no positive outcome. Or they will rail on him for being misguided or making poor decisions. Being president in the most agreeable of times is the most difficult job a person could have. In these trying times the job is near impossible, especially with those looking for the first hint of folly or weakness. People are not patient by nature and they will expect very much in a short period of time. But, it is my hope that people give him, and congress, time to pass legislation and time to allow the legislation to take effect. It is not Obama I am worried about, its the expectations that worry me and I doubt I am alone with this fear.



  1. Ah, so you admit an uninformed, uneducated electorate voted Obama into office? Cool.

  2. Quite the contrary. I am fully confident the American public made the right decision on election day. I believe that Obama’s plan for leading the USA was better than any of the other candidates whether it be McCain, Nader, Barr, etc.

  3. When he waves his hand, he has to say to to the terrorists “This is not the country you’re looking for,” and then they’ll walk right past his land speeder and bomb Canada. After that, the mounties will go to Pakistan and hunt down the rest of al-Qaeda. When our country sees that success, people will start to feel better and more confident in our leadership. This will result in an automatically improving economy. It’s fool proof.

    If we’re not in four wars at the end of his presidency, then I think you can say he did better than Bush.

  4. So when you say “a breath of fresh air,” what does Terry Gross have to do with it?

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