Posted by: eseeders | January 13, 2009

The Bush Legacy

“In terms of the decisions that I had made to protect the homeland, I wouldn’t worry about popularity. What I would worry about is the Constitution of the United States and putting plans in place that make it easier to find out what the enemy is thinking,”
So said President George W. Bush in the final press conference during the waning days of his presidency. This quote, among the many things that were said yesterday, was the one that really stuck out to me. After 9/11 we had a choice, either we could stand on our principles or we could forgo the ideas and beliefs upon which this country was founded to create a false sense of security. Unfortunately for us, the choice made was the latter and while the Bush administration was responsible for the implementation of the plans which eventually took away or diminished a number of our freedoms, we the people were also complicit in this final outcome. Indeed, far from protecting the Constitution, President Bush has attempted to rewrite it in his favor, cutting those elements which would impede his power and inserting those which would protect him. In many ways, we as a people are fortunate that it was this particular administration that attempted this for if not for the bumbling ineptitude of so many among them things may have been a lot worse not just for the United States but the world as a whole. Thankfully though, the reign of President Bush and his cronies is finally coming to a close… and none too soon. Henceforth we must be more diligent as a people to ensure that the travesties such as were visited upon us by this failure of an administration are never again seen in our lands. To these ends, we must hold President Elect Obama to a higher standard than ever before and to ensure that he repeals those attacks on the Constitution launched by President Bush. This must be the legacy of George W. Bush, forever holding our future presidents to a higher standard than we held him.

For coverage of President Bush’s last conference check here and here.


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