Posted by: eseeders | January 15, 2009

Return Of The Middle Empire

As of today, China now boasts the third largest economy in the world just surpassing Germany. This development comes amid a global economic crisis the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Great Depression according to some.What does this mean for the United States and indeed the world as a greater whole to have a communist power on the rise?

Well… in all truth… not a whole heck of a lot. From a military standpoint, even with ours stretched as thinly as it is, China remains at least a decade behind in terms of modernization if not more. Additionally, China has not shown any predisposition towards attaining a place of global preeminence or to compete with the U.S. on the global stage.

Old Communist Propaganda

Old Communist Propaganda

What China has shown however is a move to regain its position as a regional leader along side Japan. That being said, if the U.S. remains engaged in the far east, the road to regional power for China will be very difficult at best. Yes, a strong economy can get you much but it will take more than that to return to the mantel of power for China.

Another way to look at this is as China becomes increasingly wealthy, the people who bare the brunt of the taxation and labor will want more say in their government. Communism has gradually weakened over the years in China as she has opened up trade barriers with other nations. Those in power can only hold it for so long when those below are suffering. Perhaps what we see here is not the return to power of a mighty China, but the beginning of the fall China’s communist regime. Only time will tell for sure, till then, Japan better watch out if it wants to maintain its place as the worlds second largest economy.



  1. China is collapsing right along with us. After all, they’re feeding on American consumerism. All that cheap, dangerous, poisonous crap that child slaves are making in China is sitting idle because there are no American buyers. Too many eggs in one basket…

  2. Indeed, that is a point I didnt touch on and China is certainly feeling some pain in this recession as well with their predicted growth rates for coming years being reduced.

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