Posted by: eseeders | January 16, 2009

British Foreign Secretary Attacks “The War On Terror”

After nearly eight years of being an unabashed sycophant of the Bush administration and its policies, a member of the British government has finally and unequivicolly remenstrated the Bush policy of “The War On Terror”.  David Milliband, British Foreign Secretary came out in an opinion piece for The Guardian calling the war on terror “mistaken”:

“Seven years on from 9/11 it is clear that we need to take a fundamental look at our efforts to prevent extremism and its terrible offspring, terrorist violence. Since 9/11, the notion of a “war on terror” has defined the terrain. The phrase had some merit: it captured the gravity of the threats, the need for solidarity, and the need to respond urgently – where necessary, with force. But ultimately, the notion is misleading and mistaken. The issue is not whether we need to attack the use of terror at its roots, with all the tools available. We must. The question is how.”

This is a statement I very much applaud, but one I feel needed to be made long before today. These realizations have been around for sometime but no one in power had the courage to stand against the Bush administration. Unfortunately despite finally coming forth with this, I fear that much of the damage has already been done. The Obama administration has a lot of work ahead of it to repair and redirect the efforts of the United States and her allies against those that would do us harm. At least this time we know going into it that our leaders know the correct path to take… we just have to be sure they take it.


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