Posted by: eseeders | January 16, 2009

Would It Be Ok If I Punched Senator Frist?

In an article today for CNN, Senator Bill Frist makes the case that despite the current realities of the world, President Bush is in fact a “healer” and will be seen as one by future historians. Here’s one quote from that article:

“And lead the world we did. No president in history had made such a commitment against a single disease. Those words and the action that followed meant that instead of another 30 million people dying from HIV infections, maybe just another 20 million will.”

Frist continues on in the article to discuss the Bush administrations contributions to the malaria efforts in Africa and how Bush helped seniors here at home with the passage of the prescription drug initiative. Personally I wouldn’t call 20 million people dieing of HIV/AIDS much of a success especially when it has been demonstrated that countless more could have been saved and may still be saved if only those on the far right didn’t blind themselves with their ideology.


Indeed, far from being applauded the world over, most organizations dealing with the AIDS crisis have viewed the recent contributions to the efforts by the United States with much scorn and disdain. Check out these links for evidence of that, Media Matters, Think Progress, Institute for Policy Studies, and Institute for Public Accuracy.

That’s just this administrations direct impact on the HIV/AIDS crisis there. What if, pray tell, the Bush administration had saw fit to actually fund programs like stem cell research which may have contributed to improving and finding new, better vaccines and anti-virals to deal with such things as HIV/AIDS and malaria? Imagine the countless lives that my have benefited from such research and the progress that could have been made in other areas as well.

Regarding how Bush “healed” in the domestic realm need I point any further than the fact that there are now more uninsured in the United States than there were prior to President Bush taking office? The stats don’t lie speaking of which here they are.

So what is Senator Frist on about then? To me… Bush is far from a “healer” and he most certainly isn’t a “uniter” either. I have a few million Iraqi’s to attest to that one and that’s just the beginning.



  1. Boy, oh boy. Well, not everyone wants to be insured and it’s not the government’s job to insure everybody. Universal health care hurts everybody. Moreover, it’s common knowledge Bush has done an abundance of good for the AIDS-plagued African peoples. Stem cells wouldn’t have helped–scientists can use legal methods to obtain them (pre-existing cells, cells from adult organs), which hasn’t ceased AIDS.

    Oh, and those Iraqis were pretty happy when Bush freed them. Now they can attend school, start businesses, etc.

  2. If you can provide me with reasonable evidence of your “common knowledge” which refutes what is cited at the links I’ve included, I would be more than happy to grant your point. Until such a time however, I will have to disagree with your particular assessment.


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