Posted by: eseeders | January 18, 2009

State Senator Wants To Ban Profanity

Robert Ford (D), a state Senator in South Carolina, has proposed a bill to ban profanity. This just goes to show that the Republican party still doesn’t have a monopoly on wingnut anti free speech crusaders. The thing about profanity is that it is culturally determined and those definitions can be changed at anytime. The only reason certain words are viewed as “profane” is because we chose to view that way, there is no intrinsic value which determines a words level of profanity.

Issues similar to this were why I wasn’t too terribly keen on Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate. Granted while she did not go to such extremes as Robert Ford she did try to make it difficult to acquire certain types of video games. Her intentions may have been good as I’m sure Senator Ford’s are but there are ways of solving the problems they are attempting to address without squelching free speech in the process.



  1. Holy costumed party! That’s the Penguin!

    Oh, pardon the French.

  2. Someone should hand him a copy of the Bill of Rights with the first amendment highlighted

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