Posted by: eseeders | January 21, 2009

Everyone Meet Fiat/Chrysler

In some interesting news from the automotive world, European car maker Fiat has taken up a 35% share of the Chrysler corporation. fiat-500-abarthDidn’t really see this one coming, but if anyone can turn Chrysler around Fiat can, they rescued themselves and Alfa Romeo from a similar situation not too long ago. The time line is pretty short this time around however as Chrysler only has till the end of March to start changing its act before the government calls the loans in at least according to the last agreement.

If Fiat does manage to stabilize the ship over at Chrysler it could turn into a brilliant relationship with Fiat finally bringing some quality into an American auto manufacture. Additionally, this purchase could see the reintroduction not only of Alfa Romeo (<– one of my top three favorite auto makers)to U.S. shores but the plucky little Fiats as well which would be awesome (the little Fiat 500 Abarth is one of my favorite new cars). I really hope Fiat can pull this off… if they can’t we may not only lose Chrysler but some great European auto shops as well.


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