Posted by: eseeders | January 21, 2009

Israel Withdraws

Reports have come out that Israel has finally withdrawn from the Gaza strip after a three week assault on Hamas militants that resulted in numerous civilian deaths on the Palestinian side. Despite this, there is still talk of bringing charges of war crimes against Israel for the civilian casualties especially surrounding the hits on U.N. refugee sites in Gaza.

I’m glad Israel has finally withdrawn but I don’t think this lull will last very long… though I’m hopeful. In regards to the possible charges against Israeli leadership for war crimes… well I do feel the shelling of a number of U.N. sites should be investigated and if found to be intentional, those who ordered such actions should be held responsible, simple as that. Either way though, we are still a long ways off from a sustainable peace in that region. The differences are vast and in some cases perhaps even insurmountable… at least so long as the current leadership on both sides remains in place.

Today, Hillary Clinton is expected to be approved by the Senate for her position as Secretary of Sate… one of her first jobs will no doubt be to deal with this particular situation. I wish her all the luck in the world and I wish all those people caught in the middle of this terrible never ending struggle all the best… hopefully something will be brokered soon to save those people from any further suffering.

Coverage of Israels withdrawal: BBC, MSNBC, Al Jazeera English.


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