Posted by: eseeders | January 24, 2009

Gaza: The Aftermath 2009

A little over three weeks ago, the Israeli Defense Forces entered the Gaza strip with a mission to cripple Hamas and to seek out and destroy the sites militants used to launch rockets into southern Israel. This week, the IDF returned to Israel as clear military victors in this the newest battle in an ongoing war. As for Gaza… well… there’s not a whole lot left.

Over 1,200 Palestinians lost their lives in this engagement (compared to just 13 Israeli’s), a good number of those being civilians including women and children. The number of wounded are in the thousands and Gaza itself is in ruins. As Israel prepares its legal defense to calls of war crimes, the Palestinian people will attempt to rebuild yet again. Who knows how many will simply give up hope after losing all that they love and turn themselves into weapons against Israel.

And so this cycle continues with one side brutalizing another only for the survivors to return for revenge of those that were lost. When will governments realize that you cannot combat terrorism in any form with brute force? Israel will not win this with tanks and fighter-bombers. Terrorism is the tool of an unrepresented and oppressed minority… they turn to it because they believe they have no other voice. If something does not change, more innocents will perish on both sides, caught in the crossfire.

BBC coverage of the aftermath here.


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