Posted by: eseeders | January 25, 2009

F.A. Cup Result: Eve 1 Liv 1

The second Merseyside Derby in a week saw a rehash of Monday’s score line. Other than the score however the two matches were utterly dissimilar. Everton without midfield general Mikel Arteta, sat back for the entire game playing very defensive football and allowing Liverpool to dictate the course of play. Despite this, Everton knocked in the opening goal courtesy of a Jolean Lescott (’27) header from a corner assisted by none other than the ninja himself Tim Cahill.everton-goodison-crest1 Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard equalized within the first ten minutes of the second half however to ensure that the oldest derby in the history of soccer would see another replay, the 210th in the series. The replay will be played the Wednesday after next.

In all honesty, I was a bit disappointed in Everton’s play this match though it could’ve been down to lacking Arteta in the middle. On this day I would say Liverpool were the better side and probably deserved the win if not for Tim Howard and the defense reforming after the goal. For more coverage of today’s match look here.

Next up Everton face a struggling Arsenal at Goodison Park on Wednesday, Arsenal having tied their F.A. Cup match with Cardiff City on the weekend as well.


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