Posted by: eseeders | January 26, 2009

Beckham… What Is A Man To Do?

“Beckham is scheduled to return to the United States at the beginning of March for the start of the Major League Soccer season but now faces an agonizing decision.” (Regarding a possible transfer to AC Milan)

I call bullshit on that quote out of a recent piece I came across on CNN. david-beckham-la-galaxy-jerseyUnfortunately the article is unattributed and so there is no author that I can ream for this stupidity. This guy (or girl) is equating playing at the LA Galaxy with starting at AC Milan… that’s like comparing being the captain of a triple A baseball team to starting first base for a team playing in the World Series.

It case you hadn’t noticed, it really irks me when someone comments on something they obviously have no clue about. In this case, the choice is a no brainer for Beckham (especially if he wants to try to make it back into England’s World Cup team), transfer to AC Milan. In addition to playing in a far more competitive league, AC Milan are also considered one of the top teams in Europe and are by far the higher profile of the two teams. So again… you’re a star looking to finish in style… which one would you choose? Yeah… I thought so.


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