Posted by: eseeders | January 26, 2009

Things Get Worse For Iceland

So you think things are bad here in the U.S. eh? Well just be glad you’re not living in Iceland. Our friends over the pond are on the verge of bankruptcy and on Sunday, Commerce Minister Bjorgvin Sigurdsson resigned due to pressure felt over the economic collapse, signaling the fracturing of the governing coalition. As of earlier today, in the midst of this terrible crisis in Iceland, there is no longer a functioning government, the ruling coalition has split.

Just prior to these developments, Prime Minister Geir Haarde had advanced the elections scheduled to take place in 2011 to this May. Suffice to say, the people of Iceland aren’t terribly happy. For more coverage of the ongoing crisis in Iceland check out the links below.

BBC, MSNBC, IPS, Al Jazeera English



  1. Ah poor poor Iceland. They never knew what hit them. With their natural beauty and geothermal generators, they were punished for not being overreliant on oil or its banks being overly debt ridden. I can’t remember which one… I give big props to the other Nordic countries helping them out in this financial crisis, way to save the little brother of the Nordic countries. I wish all 320k Icelandic people luck, I’ll think of you the next time I go buy ummm…sardines…

  2. Well they had it coming. The only movies I can think of from Iceland (“Noi” and “101 Rejkjavik;” and “Dancer in the Dark” in an indirect way since it starred Björk) are some of the most depressing movies ever. Whenever there is humor in them, it’s drenching in blackness. You see, if they made happy movies, they would be worry free and probably rolling in the dough now.

    Silly Scandinavians. At least the best Scandinavian country, FINLAND, can still stand on its feet.

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