Posted by: eseeders | January 27, 2009

The Cease Fire That Never Was

It probably wasn’t going to last, but one had to figure that it would have lasted longer than it did. Sadly, Israel launched an air assault earlier today in Gaza, most likely in response to the death of one of their soldiers due to an explosive device near his post.

From another report though we hear that in fact the fighting may never have fully subsided. This is all terribly unfortunate news… most especially for the innocent caught in the cross fire. There still may be time for cooler heads to prevail, but in these circumstances it seems doubtful.

Additionally, in something that may make matters worse, Hamas is rumored to be paying the victims of the last three weeks of Israel’s onslaught. If this is indeed true, while on the surface appearing benign, even altruistic, it may yet cause greater suffering if not now then certainly in the near future. These payments reinforce the already entrenched culture of martyrdom in this region no doubt signaling to others that if they sacrifice their life for the cause theirs will be taken care of.

It is already to late for far too many in that region… I hope something can be done to turn this tide of violence before the rest succumb.

Update – Israel faces yet more war crimes allegations… this time they’ve been accused of firing on children carrying white flags. More on the story here.


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