Posted by: eseeders | February 3, 2009

What Is Up With People And Back Taxes?

First Geithner, then Daschle and now the nominee for performance officer? What is up with these people? I understand that people make mistakes and there will be oversight from time to time but lets get with the program huh?

Its all a bit annoying with these nominees having tax issues up the yin yang. I don’t think it reflects terribly poorly on the Obama administration, I mean they depended on the honesty of their nominees when vetting them. Unfortunately the nominees were either dishonest or unwitting as to their tax oversights. Let’s hope its the latter and keep an eye on them. As for those calling for the resignations of the other two, what happened to innocent till proven guilty hmmm?

Update – Tom Daschle has withdrawn as the nominee for HHS earlier today. Reports on MSNBC and elsewhere point to the tax issue as well as Daschles ties to the medical industry being the primary culprits. No word yet from the Obama administration of a replacement.


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