Posted by: eseeders | February 4, 2009

8 And 6

Fourteen children in total for Ms. Suleman, the women who recently gave birth to eight in vitro babies nine weeks premature. For the full story, check out MSNBC from last night. The short and sweet of it is she’s a single mom who until 2008 word at a mental hospital who thought it a good idea to have eight more children on top of the six she already had. Ok so that’s probably stretching it just a little but essentially that’s what you’ve got.

When I first heard the full story, my initial reaction was to be appalled at the situation and most of all at the mothers choice. I still believe the mother was an idiot to have those kids but here’s the thing, we now have eight more lives in this world. The thing that gets me is for the length of the pregnancy, the vast majority of conservatives would have been telling her (if they hadn’t already) to have the children (as opposed to aborting them however it should be noted she really wanted the children as well). Ok… again I think that’s a stupid idea considering her current situation but she went through with it. Now the conservative blowhards are saying stuff like this:

“Conservative radio talk show host Bill Handel in Los Angeles, who has branded the births “freakish,” said on the air Tuesday that people are ready to boycott any corporations that help the octuplets or their mother.”

Assholes the lot of them. Yes the mother should be reprimanded for her stupidity and reprimanded harshly. But the fact is as I mentioned earlier there are now eight more mouths to feed. Those children did nothing but be born (as conservatives insist with every fertilized egg) and now thanks to the callousness of others and the stupidity of their mother, they will most likely suffer for it. I’m not saying we should all donate everything we have to take care of these children only that we offer what we can spare. If that doesn’t work we find a new home for those children where they will be cared for and loved. No child should be made to pay for the stupidity of their parents.

To conservatives, life doesn’t end at birth, it begins… you’re always saying how we should value life… well value the lives of these children and all the other children throughout the world that are starving and poor. Once we take care of what we already have, then we can worry about defining when life starts.



  1. The reason why this is such an issue is because of the ethics behind it. The doctor shouldn’t even have implanted that many eggs at once to begin with, but that’s a different issue. Everybody has a different definition of what they think is ethical. She can’t be punished for this no matter how stupid people think she is.

    I heard on the news that she wouldn’t take any book offers unless they were willing to pay her a minimum of $2 million. Now that’s where my main issue lies, if she’s going to exploit the children for money then she needs to be punished if there is a law that covers actions like that. If is the key word there, I’m not aware of a specific law that would fall under since there is no abuse occurring.

    I definitely don’t agree with what she did. But having a negative opinion about someone’s actions isn’t grounds for legal action. It may become an issue later down the road if she can’t afford to take care of the kids, but only time will tell.

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