Posted by: hillad | February 8, 2009

Arsenal and Emmanuel Eboue

Eboue sees red in the 37th minute

Eboue sees red in the 37th minute

This morning Arsenal fought their North London rivals Tottenham to a nil-nil draw at White Hart Lane. This will sound common to Gooners out there since the Gunners have been drawing quite a few of their matches lately. The boys from Ashburton Grove haven’t enjoyed the fluidity of play that the team enjoyed before captain Cesc Fabregas went down the a severe knee injury. Fans hope that new transfer Andrey Arshavin will help out on that front, he made the bench today but didn’t play. He should be fresh since the Russian league was just about to start their season. The match against Tottenham, however, was lacklustre as a result of one player on the field, Emmanuel Eboue. Eboue was given a red card prior to half time. His first yellow card was for arguing with the referee about how the goal he scored should have counted, which it should have since Eboue was called for a phantom foul on Jonathan Woodgate who slipped. Then he was given his second yellow card in the 37th minute for retaliating against a kick he received from Luka Modric. From then on Arsenal had to continue with 10 men and bravely held onto the clean sheet. How are those new signings working out Spurs? The bad news is that Adebayor seems to have hurt his hamstring, even though he’s not on top form he’s still a threat, no word on how long he’ll be out for. The good news is that Eboue won’t be able to hinder Arsenal for at least one match. His play on the right of midfield has been downright atrocious this season, he gives the ball away whenever he touches it, he tries to dribble around defenders, which he can’t, and he can’t put a good shot on goal when he does get a free chance. He simply costs the team points and if it hadn’t been for a number of injuries he shouldn’t be playing on the team at all.

And for everyones enjoyment I’ve added a little bit of awesome. Here is the best comeback in football history. Make sure to watch all of it. Its so worth it. The announcers reactions are the best part.



  1. Man, I love watching that clip.

    I am sick, I want to throw up.

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