Posted by: eseeders | February 8, 2009

Everton Rolls Past Bolton 3 – 0

Yesterday, Everton built upon their midweek F.A. Cup victory over Liverpool with a comprehensive defeat of Bolton in the English Premier League. Starting today’s game, debutant Jo featured strongly in the match with a brace to accompany Mikel Arteta’s opening goal from the penalty spot.

Arteta and Jo congratulate each other after a goal

Arteta and Jo congratulate each other after a goal

Another performance of note include another decent showing by 19yr old youth player Dan Gosling who received his second EPL start for Everton on this day. Gosling though inexperienced at the highest levels none the less played a very composed and mature game despite a few mistakes.

This match more so than the midweek tie against Liverpool really exhibited Everton in some of their best form this term. Many on the message boards are calling this a return to the legendary School of Science style play that has epitomized Everton in previous decades. While to an extent I agree, I believe there is a lot of work yet to be done. Still, this was a well played match on par with many played by the “Big Four”. If the last three weeks weren’t evidence enough that Everton can compete against the big boys, this match can certainly be added as an exhibit.

Check here and here for match reports. Next match vs. Aston Villa in the F.A. Cup


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