Posted by: eseeders | February 9, 2009

Kids These Days

In the last few months, a new “fad” of sorts has surfaced amongst the youth called “sexting”. Of course, the media has latched on to this and come at if from virtually every angle. Sexting is essentially the act of sending provocative photos (tending to involve nudity in some degree) of oneself to another person via a cell phone txt message. The vast majority of these exchanges happen between couples within the same age group (e.g. under 18). Yet there are those among the elders of our populous who believe that these children should in fact be prosecuted for peddling in child pornography. One such example is a girl in Ohio who is facing two felony charges for sending nude photos of herself to other individuals in her class. If she is convicted, she will have to register as a sex offender wherever she goes for the next twenty years.

Look I do not condone in the least what these kids are doing, it is stupid and dangerous. However, there is a reason why we have a separate legal system for children and adults. Adults by and large are fully aware of the consequences of their actions both negative and positive whereas the vast majority of children, even those 16-18 are still learning those concepts as applied to different situations. Sex in the youth of our world is not new, this is simply another expression of it. To my mind this is strictly a parental issue just as two teenagers being caught having sex would be, the government need not get involved unless an adult does so.


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