Posted by: eseeders | February 14, 2009

The Importance Of Comprehensive Sex Ed

A few weeks back, I wrote about the ridiculousness of abstinence only sex education and the methods they use to teach it. It simply is not effective in preventing teens and youth from engaging in sexual activity (as numerous studies have shown). I’ve personally spoken with a handful of proponents of abstinence only education that simply do not even believe children will have sex at young ages. Well, here’s you’re proof, a 13yr old father.

I’m not entirely sure what if any education this young boy had regarding sex but clearly judging by his fathers reaction, he was not very well informed. That being said, I highly doubt that an abstinence only program would have effected the outcome of this particular situation. In a number of cases, abstinence only education emphasizes the abstract repercussions for sexual actions as opposed how to prevent them if one does become active. When dealing with youth at this age, abstraction can at times be difficult to grasp thus multiple trajectories should be engaged. Would a properly comprehensive sex ed course designed for his age group have made a difference? Honestly I can not say, I’d like to think though that had he and the girl involved taken part in a program such a situation as this would have stood a greater chance of being avoided.


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