Posted by: eseeders | February 15, 2009

Everton Through To The Quarter Finals

In a match that perhaps for some did not go as expected, Everton saw off a tough Aston Villa side in rather routine fashion this morning putting them through to the next round of the F.A. Cup. Indeed, the final scoreline of 3-1 far from flattering Everton, was an expression of just how dominant the boys in blue were today. I have to admit, a part of me was among the many who thought this was a match in a similar vein to an Arsenal or Liverpool tie. However, I think once and for all Everton have demonstrated that it is they, not Aston Villa that shall remain consistent contenders for a top four spot in years to come.

Cahill celebrates the 3rd goal in front of the home supporters

Cahill celebrates the 3rd goal in front of the home supporters

Everton’s dominance on the pitch in the first half made Villa look more like a bottom ten side as opposed to a club challenging for Europe, stifling their attack and holding the ball almost without challenge. The second half proved to be slightly more even though it should go without saying that the stout defense of Everton handled everything Villa threw at them with aplomb.

But the notion that Everton are the real challengers goes beyond just what occurred on the pitch today. No, the real evidence lies with the players who took the field today. Moyes fielded a side that had a 17yr old, a 19yr old and a 20yr old all starting against what many of the critics say is THE up and coming team in the EPL. Everton have an academy that produces giant killers. Manchester United be warned.

For a full match report check here. Next match away to Newcastle in the Premier League.



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