Posted by: hillad | February 16, 2009

Eduardo’s Comeback

Eduardo thanks his fans after scoring a goal

Eduardo thanks his fans after scoring

Fifty one weeks ago Eduardo Da Silva suffered a horrific injury, dislocating his ankle as well as breaking his leg while playing against Birmingham City. It was something that by watching it makes you sick to your stomach, not to mention the blood curdling screams of pain. There were fears that was a career ending type injury, but Eduardo made a triumphant comeback to Arsenal today at Ashburton Grove. He scored twice in Arsenal’s 4-0 thumping of Cardiff City in the 4th round of the FA Cup. After his second goal, instead of celebrating with his teammates he ran over to Arsenal’s medical personnel and gave them hugs. His return match was something that you see in movies but rarely see in real life. The crowd were chanting and singing his name, him scoring, the team playing well, etc. Arsenal seemed to have fed on the energy of the event and easily outplayed their opponents, who were lucky to only see four goals go into the net, it could have easily been double that. After 67 minutes of play Eduardo was substituted for Robin van Persie, and the entire home crowd gave him a rousing cheer as he departed. There was no denying the Croatian international was the star of the day and makes for a wonderful story whether you’re an Arsenal fan or not.

And for people’s enjoyment here’s a new Nike commercial featuring Arsenal and Manchester United.


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