Posted by: eseeders | February 18, 2009

GM Searches For Its Own Coalition of the Willing

Word comes from the BBC today that GM has taken its pan handling routine on the road now trying to coax various European governments into providing additional aide. This comes on the back of GM requesting another $16.6 billion from the U.S. government. If it wasn’t obvious before, it should be now that GM is most definitely in the deep end of the pool with Chrysler. Unfortunately for GM however, foreign aide is not so forthcoming as they might have hoped with German and Swedish officials chiding the corporation for poor management. Other than axing various car models, there has also been talk of GM dropping brands such as Swedish manufacturer Saab and German automaker Opel.

I really hope it doesn’t come to this. While I’ve never been the biggest fan of GM products, I would be sad to see the likes of Saab being cut. Saab has a unique design philosophy and for it to go would be a big loss in the car world, much more so than say Buick or Pontiac getting nixed. That being said, it makes business sense to let Saab go as its one of the more expensive assets in GM’s garage and hasn’t been performing terribly well against German competition (course that’s mostly down to poor management by GM). Either way, Saab in all their quirkiness may not be around for much longer so enjoy them while you can.



  1. So when Saab is defunct, I will vote Datsun>Saab. Actually, I’ll just do that now.

  2. Well, GM has more brands than most companies have models. I don’t understand why it doesn’t simplify things. If a brand doesn’t really have special appeal, why keep it separate? Dump the Buick, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile names, combine models, lower the production cost, quit competing with themselves, stop paying ridiculous bonuses to idiots…. yeah, they could stand to improve in the quality department too. The “G” seems to stand for “generic” at this point.

  3. What about the Le Sabre? They switch the r and the e for class, you know.

  4. Sorry to burst your bubble but Oldsmobile hasn’t existed since ’04. I could see them getting rid of GMC and lump them into Chevrolet since they make similar models. It is a problem when people hear a GM brand and think “meh”. And naming a big car Le Sabre is a bit ironic, when I think of a sabre I think of the words sharp, quick, and craftsmanship and I don’t see that in the car…

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