Posted by: eseeders | February 21, 2009

Lower Division Soccer Hit By Worsening Economy

Hillad had a post not to long ago discussing how the recession might hit sports and what kind of barometer that would be for the economy as a whole. Well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Earlier this week, a lower division Spanish side Grenada whose players had not been paid in five months saw said players engage in protest during a match. Their protest? They went out on to the field at the beginning of the match and when the ref blew his whistle to begin the game, they all sat down refusing to play their opponents. The players pride eventually got the better of them and they played out the rest of the game after their brief protest.

Unfortunately for the players involved, their club president was not at the match so the effectiveness of the protest remains in question. The apparent lack of success in this protest certainly does not belie the seriousness of the economic conditions. Indeed a number of Spain’s major clubs such as Valencia are in deep financial trouble, there is even talk of a number of them filling bankruptcy.

Teams and clubs across the European continent and the world (spanning all sports not just soccer) are most definitely feeling the pinch as the world economy continues to contract. However, not everything is doom and gloom at Fisher Athletic FC based out of London, England.

Despite being in similar financial straits as Grenada, Fisher Athletic has seen a milestone in professional men’s soccer happen at their club. The players while being unpaid for a number of months have become the first male competitive club to be managed by a woman. The best part was they actually played a bit better with her in charge scoring a goal in the second half against a team miles ahead of them in the table. Seems to me like she should get the job full time!


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