Posted by: eseeders | February 28, 2009

DEA Ends Medical Marijuana Crackdowns

In news from earlier this week, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the Justice Department and affiliated federal organizations will end the crackdown on medicinal marijuana. This development comes after an extended period of time wherein the Bush administration closed between 30 and 40 legal marijuana dispensaries.

I personally applaud this move heartily, too many people have been forced to suffer unbearable pain due to an inept and ignorant former administration. With any luck, those that need this medication the most will finally be able to receive their proper treatments. On a more interesting note, it has been speculated that if marijuana were to be completely legalized, in the state of California alone, the tax revenue would be over $1bn. It takes big novel ideas in times such as these to ensure a nations survival, perhaps this is one such idea. Food for thought no doubt.



  1. That tax revenue would be a boon to the economy. Not to mention the potential production aspects that could create jobs. The problem would be handing over that tax revenue to the same government hacks who can’t run their states now. We need both common sense and competence. A tall order.

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