Posted by: hillad | March 3, 2009

MLS bound for Vancouver BC?

Ives Galarcep had an post on his website today stating that Vancouver BC was the newest front runner for one of the two expansion spots open in the MLS. Miami had been the lead front runner for awhile with its bid coming from Soccer giant Barcelona, but they pulled out of the running due to budget concerns in the current economic climate. This leaves Vancouver, St. Louis, Portland, and Ottawa as the final four cities still in consideration. If I were a betting man, I’d bet on Vancouver and St. Louis being selected. Both cities have a rabid soccer fanbase who would love to support a home team. I would be thrilled to have either Portland or Vancouver join the MLS simply for the rivalry between them and Seattle, but I can understand if both don’t get selected.  Being just over 2 weeks away from the inaugural match for my hometown Seattle Sounders FC, I’m really excited for the upcoming season. The announcement of which cities are selected to be home to the new expansion teams should be announced before the season starts, so everyone keep a watch out.



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  2. Typical fear of the Timbers by the Sounders. Portland and Vancouver is the ticket.

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