Posted by: eseeders | March 6, 2009

Weekly Discussion Roll #1

Here’s a new feature I’ve borrowed from some other websites I regularly peruse. Every week I’ll put together a list of fascinating articles or blogs I came across but didn’t get a chance to write on and then dump them on here to give all of you an opportunity to check them out. So, here’s the first honorable mention roll if you will (might be a bit sparse as I’ve been on walkabout for a little while).

Unemployment figures surpass a 25 year high in the United States (The little town where my parents live has a 13% unemployment rate)

Wondering where all that AIG money has gotten off too? So are a lot of other people.

Earlier this week, a 9 year old girl had an abortion after being the alleged victim of child abuse at the hands of her stepfather. Unfortunately, the Catholic church did not look to kindly on this.

GM is on the ropes and its seriously not looking good.

Obama makes the opening gambit in what looks to be a long and difficult battle for universal health care.

The gay marriage debate is about to boil over again as the California Supreme Court hears the first challenge to the recently passed ballot initiative.

Sudan expels humanitarian aide, Sundanese President cited for war crimes charges

China cancels Oasis tour dates on the basis that they’re “not suitable”

In other China news, their recently launched lunar probe did a nose dive into the moon in what has been termed as spectacular fashion by the Chinese government.

Feel free to discuss any and/or all topics in the comments section below.


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