Posted by: eseeders | March 8, 2009

Another Reason For Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care… a collection of words that seems to put the fear of god into any number of people on the right side of the isle and even some on the left. In their fight against it, the adversaries of health care for all try to conjure images of Orwell’s 1984 and Stalin’s Soviet Russia as reminders of why “socialism is EVIL”. Course, its all a bit ridiculous when you look at the kind of reality supporters of universal health care are shooting for. I could easily cite the Scandinavian nations as excellent examples of what good can be found in elements of socialism though such strict terms as socialism and capitalism rarely exist in their pure forms anywhere outside of an island nation of five individuals. What the real need of universal health care comes down to however, is easing the suffering of others such as this girl in a story from CNN.

Put simply, our current health care system is broken beyond repair. The present day health care industry is run more by HMO’s and insurance companies than patients and doctors… one fact most opponents of universal health care conveniently overlook. Truly, what are individuals to do in situations such as that girl or one of my dearest relations who suffers from chronic knee problems and now shoulder issues as well. Fortunately for my friend unlike the girl in the story does receive some limited coverage, but that is due to run out soon and what then? Admittedly, I seriously worry about the future good health of my dear friend and who wouldn’t be when its involving one of your five best friends? Course, she’s probably the toughest young women I know and in the end will more than likely be perfectly fine. Still, universal health care would go a long way towards assuaging the worries of many people in her situation and similar across the nation. Thankfully, this time around we have an administration that realizes the importance of health care and is now working towards ensuring coverage for everyone… not just those that can afford it.


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