Posted by: eseeders | March 13, 2009

Weekly Discussion Roll #2

All the interesting news you could want from my backlog of Firefox tabs!

Jon Stewart shines again as he takes Mad Money host Jim Crammer to task for CNBC’s failures to inform the public on financial matters. (video’s linked to in the article)

Some good news from Iraq: Soccer returns to Baghdad!

The Catholic Church is looking worse every time it opens its mouth in the on going debate over the 9 year old child in Brazil that aborted a pregnancy

A terrible school shooting in Germany earlier this week took the lives of 15 individuals. My thoughts and sincerest condolences go out to all the aggrieved.

Three cheers for Sweden as they lead the way in the green revolution.

Here’s to hoping that the rest of the world follow in Sweden’s footsteps, climate scientists are saying it may be even worse than we originally thought.

The Washington Post has an interesting piece on how respectable, decent parents can forget that they have a child in the back seat, often resulting in the death of the child. Highly recommended article.

For all the Pat Robertson’s out there that preach a theocracy in our country… here’s a glimpse at what that might entail: Saudi Arabia’s thought police.

This is how you recycle.

A little humor for you as Circuit City finally closes its doors.

That does it for the time being, I may add a few later if I don’t get to them tonight, I have three or four posts in the works which I hope to get up in the next day or two.


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