Posted by: eseeders | March 26, 2009

Late Night Humor #6

A funny vid I cam across while perusing a soccer website, the description follows:

“It is not uncommon, after a series of dubious refereeing decisions, for fans across the world to ask the following question- “is the ref pissed?” But who would have believed that one day the answer to that particular poser would be- “Actually, yes he is. He is hammered!”

To set the scene, it is a Belarusian Premier Division match between Vitebsk & Naftan. The official in question is Sergei Shmolik, the referee who officiated England’s 6-0 win over Luxembourg at Wembley back in 1999 and one who was voted as Belarus’ finest in 2007. A decent pedigree. But there was nothing decent about his behaviour here. According to reports, the referee spent much of the game staggering around the centre circle, failing to keep up with play, and refusing to issue any cards whatsoever, despite some tasty tackles.

At the end of the game, Shmolik was helped off the pitch by another official like a drunken uncle at a family wedding, waving to the crowd as he left. He was taken to hospital for tests, which revealed that he had huge levels of alcohol in his system. The Belarus FA acted quickly, suspending Shmolik, who claimed that his strange performance was due in part to “a bad back” rather than “a bad pint””



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