Posted by: eseeders | April 14, 2009

A Wave Of Gay Marriage To Sweep The Nation?

News flash! New York will soon become the third state in less than a month to consider legalizing gay marriage. The other two, Iowa and Vermont, took the issue into consideration in the past few weeks with each state seeing gay marriage becoming the letter of the law.

Without a doubt, these are some of the best developments for awhile in this long slog of a fight to see equal rights for our gay friends. Being in Washington state myself, I hope to see my home government follow suit in the not too distant future. Still, one small step at a time. Despite this there remains much animosity on the right which must be overcome to ensure not just equal rights but equal treatment of gay couples. Separate but equal should never stand and with some luck and a lot of hard work we can finally ensure we rid ourselves of it. Congratulations to all the couples in Iowa, Vermont and soon New York (hopefully) that will finally be able to publicly recognize their love for their partners.

Update – Via jen3ral, the Washington state legislature has moved the Evergreen state one step closer today to legalizing gay marriage with the passage of a new bill granting more rights to gay couples in domestic partnerships.

Thanks to jen3ral for the heads up (be sure to check out her blog Diary Of A Computer Geek)! Even more good news for our friends and US citizens as a whole as another state takes on this issue. Equal rights for one group equates to equal rights for all. Onwards and upwards from here!


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