Posted by: eseeders | April 14, 2009

Yay… Ok… Now Let’s Get Over It Shall We?

So the First Family of the United States has one more member yay! Bo is as cute a little puppy as you’re sure to find no doubt about that but can the press PLEASE just get over it?

Seriously… look at how many “journalists” are there. After you’ve checked that out for a moment… watch the news ticker at the bottom of the screen. I’d say that a few of the stories (Somali pirates, GM recalls, North Korea, etc…) ticking along there on the bottom would qualify as ever so slightly more important than a new puppy… no matter how cute the little guy is. This is yet one more reason NOT to give much attention to main stream media sources.



  1. You know, I kinda want to disagree with this, or at least push on it a bit.

    One of the things I hate about American news is that it’s so filled with death and woe and destruction and OMG the economy sucks and WTF another mall shooting. I used to turn on a Japanese news channel and there’d be a story about a woman’s 95th birthday, a blurb about a sailboat race at the park, a piece on a local charity.

    And while I’m a little disenfranchised with the habit that media has of obsessing over celebrities, (Helloooo, who the crap cares about Angelina Jolie?) I have to admit that it’s kind of refreshing to see news about a puppy rather than pirates or OH HAY GUESS WAT GUYS THE ECONOMY STILL SUX LOL.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that the world isn’t as sucky as the news usually makes it seem, and it’s cool for me when media reflects happy things, too.

  2. Fair enough, but my issue isn’t with the coverage of the First Puppy itself… it’s with the extent of that coverage. A handful of reporters and a little snippet at the end of the show would be great by me, but this is in no way headline news. If reporters were doing their job, they’d not simply focus on important issues such as the economy or piracy and the like.

    Instead, they would actually do journalism, determining why things were happening and holding those responsible for them to the fire as opposed to just throwing softball questions every which way. Essentially they’d be working to uncover the truth. We as a country should not have to depend on our satirists such as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for that tough investigative and confrontational journalism. To me that should be the job of the mainstream media, the excessive reporting and coverage of Bo demonstrates yet again how far we are from true journalism.

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