Posted by: eseeders | April 27, 2009

Speed Racer

So… what do you do with four friends and close to $2 million in exotic machinery? Well you go for a cross country tear of course! Only… you don’t be stupid and get caught by the cops doing 40mph over the speed limit like these blokes did. A brief news article on CNN covers the story. Despite being speed freaks, the playboys involved still remained cooperative with the police which was nice.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a speed freak myself (as my friends can attest to) however what these guys were doing was just plain stupid. It’s one thing if you wanna risk yourself and your car on a race track, but its entirely different when other people are involved. Clearly these fellows had some money and while I understand the romance of blasting down a highway or coastal road with the wind in your hair, if you’re going to go fast (as fast as these guys that is) do it on a race track. Hell, these guys got pulled over in Oregon, and Portland has an international raceway that’s open to the public, just put a few bucks down there and go for a few laps simple as that. Also, can you rich guys get some creativity… I mean honestly… only the F40 was interesting!


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