Posted by: eseeders | April 29, 2009

I Mean… Honestly?

Apparently satire doesn’t cross party lines at least when it comes to the Republican party. This, according to a recent study, proves to be the case for viewers of Stephen Colbert’s “The Colbert Report”. This particular study has found that conservative viewers were more likely than most respondents to state that Colbert was actually of the conservative ilk. Conservative viewers actually believe he means what he is saying!

Now before we go and paint the entire conservative movement with a broad brush, lets just make clear that this study probably doesn’t apply to the mainstream crowd. Still one has to admit… its quite an embarrassment, I myself am not sure if I can understand the mind set that would not see something so blatantly obvious. If it were in written form, I could perhaps understand that as it can be quite difficult to convey sarcasm via words on paper. That being said… come on people!



  1. I wondered as much when they had him do the correspondents’ dinner in 2006….

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