Posted by: hillad | May 18, 2009

Sports media torturing soccer fans?

Transfer_Latest_800x600_702638With the invent of the internet and modern devices news can be updated almost immediately, this is great in many cases. But, for the subject of player transactions in soccer it can be incredibly frustrating. The European leagues are on the very tail end of their season with the last matches a formality for most teams. Most of the league champions have already been crowned, congrats to Manchester United, Inter, and Barcelona in the big 3 leagues. So the media would seem to have plenty to write about examining what went right or wrong with the teams. However, the great majority of soccer/football news in newspapers, sports websites, blogs, etc. has been devoted to the summer transfer window. Even the smallest rumor of a player slightly unhappy with his situation is immediately plastered across headlines declaring him to be sold to various teams. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a rabid Arsenal supporter(Go Gunners!) and I usually peruse any news that might come across for the team. As much as I’m interested in new players, this time of the soccer/football calendar is my least favorite. I was recently reading a blog and the blogger found in just a few hours of news that Arsenal had been rumored to have six different players and the coach leaving as well as Sixteen different players being bought. This is simply and utterly crazy. How are fans supposed to decipher which players actually have a decent chance of transferring? Every source comes out with the usual players connected to a club, such as Arsenal connected with anyone who speaks a word of french. The media will create rumors about who the media think might fit in with the club whether there has been any interest in the player or not.  The news is and will be just rampant and people will be suffering for real news unrelated to transfers for the next 4 months. My strategy when it comes to transfer news is, I’ll believe it when I see it. I suggest doing the same to anyone who is a fan and doesn’t want to stick a knife in their head. Ugh, I’m sick of it already.



  1. I love it. I believe Tevez will stay with Man U. The media pundits nao sabe nada. Please read this blog. I think you will like it. I am a Manchester United fan. Man U played shell ball. I hate that type of futebol. Will Man U do a two-peat in The CHampions League. I sure hope so. Brasil futebol is heating up. Thanks for reading Bobby Gee

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