Posted by: eseeders | May 22, 2009

Lacking A Conscience

A couple days ago, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura appeared on the Fox News program Fox & Friends to discuss his opposition to torture. There is a video at the link I recommend you all check out.

To summarize, Ventura basically lays the smack down on the hosts of the show who all appear to be “pro torture” a stance I myself cannot reconcile with in any shape or form. Perhaps someone in the audience can clarify for me, how can any man or women of good conscience be “pro torture”? What are the values instilled in someone that would make them “pro torture”?

I’ve thought about this at some length and simply cannot come up with any good answer save for the fact that those who proclaim themselves “pro torture” are lacking, at least in part, a conscience. Torture has always been viewed as evil, as something the bad guys did to the good guys in the movies. In truth, it is evil, it is heinous to the highest order. Not only is it evil and wrong, it disparages us as a people in whose name these actions have been perpetrated. We are lesser for it. I do not know whether the current administration will pursue legal action against those who both conducted torture as well as those who ordered its use. However, I personally believe that every step should be taken to bring both of those groups to justice and I fear that if this does not happen, the United States will never truly recover. We may have already become our enemy.



  1. Ventura is making his way through Fox and tearing them apart. I haven’t yet heard their justification for torture or “enhanced interrogation,” but it seems to be “when you’re scared, you can do whatever you want.” So maybe that means the people responsible for 9/11 are justified in their actions because they were scared of the Western influence on their homeland?

    How can they be pro-life and pro-torture (and pro-war, it seems)?

    I guess maybe because Jesus was pro-torture… oh snap!

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