Posted by: eseeders | May 29, 2009

Republicans, Meet Your Party

With all the inane things spewing forth from the right side of the political spectrum recently, one might be forgiven for thinking that they couldn’t take it much further. Ah but they can dear friends they can indeed! Check out these recent despicable comments regarding Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor spouted by conservative radio host G.Gordon Liddy on his show.

Racism and sexism all rolled into one and I’m sure if he had the opportunity he’d probably throw a few more “isms” in there as well. What makes all this bile from leading Republicans even more disturbing are the people that actually believe this BS. Stuff like this has no place in any sort of public dialogue end of discussion. This is not about being oversensitive, its about respect and treating your political opponents with it, something the right seems less and less capable of doing.


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