Posted by: eseeders | September 9, 2009

Clash of the Titans

Two new cars from two of the biggest names in super car manufacturing. First off the production line is the Ferrari 458 Italia, successor to the outgoing Looking more aggressive than the 430, Ferrari has returned to form somewhat in the looks department though it remains to be seen if the newcomer has the performance to match. Just because Mr. Schumacher is making your adds doesn’t make the car brilliant to drive! Here’s some numbers for those interested.

Next, hot off the presses are first images of the new McLaren MP4-12C. The linage is clearly evident at first glance, and when the doors are open thoughts immediately go to a McLaren F1 for a new millennium. McLaren MP4-12C

Personally, I find the slightly understated look of the MP4-12C more appealing than the aggressiveness of the new 458. As far as numbers go, the McLaren is in an entirely different league to the 458 which is to be expected with the McLaren being more competition for the Enzo than its baby brother. Time will tell whether either of these new supercars are equal to their numbers. For more info on the MP4-12c check here. Be sure to share your opinions in the comments section! Do they look good? Think they’ll be as brilliant to drive as the numbers suggest? How do you think they’d perform in race trim in the FIA GT series?



  1. The McLaren needs a better name. No one is going to call it the MP4-12C. I think both cars look pretty good, although the McLaren looks like it’s smiling, well they both do I guess… I’m not too sure about the orange paint either.

    Are they in different leagues? They’re going to be offered for about the same money, so that sounds like ummmm….tosh. In fact, reread your Top Gear article.

    “McLaren plans to build around 1000 12Cs each year, with prices expected to start at just under £150,000 – right on Ferrari 458 money. That’s a virtual bargain compared to the original F1, which weighed it at over half a million quid even back in 1992.”

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