Posted by: eseeders | October 7, 2009

Healthcare For One, Healthecare For All

Countdown with Keith Olbermann

I urge everyone, no I beg everyone to please watch the video at the above link from Keith Olbermann’s latest show. I know not all of you will agree with him nor me, but on this one issue, if not on any other, we must all stand together. If you have empathy, if you can feel for others, if you see the value in your fellow man or woman than you can not stand idly by while so many of your neighbors needlessly perish for lack of money or insurance. Life should not have a profit margin attached to it.

Work to inform those who are unaware, challenge those who espouse ignorance of the facts, pressure those who represent us at all levels of government to do not what is politically or financially correct, but what is right. If you have money, contribute to programs such as the one Keith mentions or the likes of Remote Area Medical who help to bring healthcare to those who need it most. Do whatever you can big or small to make a difference here, for all you know, you just might be saving a life.

I can’t speak for us all, but I can tell you, I myself would gladly pay more taxes if even one life more would be saved because of it.



  1. Very good video. Some of the people I admire and have admired most are people who help those who can’t help themselves. And it’s about time everyone stood up against people dying to treatable illnesses because they can’t get or pay for the care to save their lives because their employers don’t offer health benefits.

    As a person whose employer doesn’t offer health insurance to me, I live with concern that if I get sick I don’t have the comfort of knowing I’ll get the care I need. My life savings would only get so far in the expensive world of health care. Something needs to be done to fix this broken system we have. And hopefully I, and many others without insurance will be here when change does happen…

  2. I’m with you and Keith on this. The greatest frustrations in the health care debate for me, are the cluttering noises that are able to take control of the emotions of the conservative base. How dare they campaign against health care reform, how dare they use dishonest political tactics to kill the chances for this country’s citizens to have the option to not have to worry about where they are going to get the insane amount of money that they need to survive, how dare they scare the most uneducated Americans with words like socialism, death panel and government takeover. The irony is so blatant, that those who fight this bill, are the ones who will end up needing it the most. They just don’t know it yet.

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